October 23, 2019

Esper brings Kentucky's regulatory process into the 21st century

What is your role in state government?

I’m the Secretary of the Executive Cabinet. It’s the equivalent of the Chief Operating Officer role in the private sector. I’m responsible for implementing the Governor’s vision, programs, and policies across executive branch cabinets and ensuring that government operations run smoothly and efficiently.

How does regulation play into your role as Secretary?

One of this administration’s key priorities is making regulation more efficient and effective. We initially put together a taskforce to identify goals for improving state regulation and even developed a website to solicit feedback for regulations that could be improved. After our first demo with the Esper team, we realized this tool could help operationalize our goals across the executive branch.

This will be part of our legacy in Kentucky.

Scott Brinkman

Secretary of the Executive Cabinet, Kentucky

What initially drew you to Esper’s product?

Although I don’t have an IT background, the value of having all executive branch cabinets use a central system to process regulation is smart policy. It’s a place for regulators to collaborate on rulemaking and reinforce better process and transparency in government.

What has changed most about the regulatory process since implementing Esper?

Esper brought Kentucky’s regulatory process into the 21st century. I can easily and quickly review regulations, propose changes, and collaborate with policymakers. Because of Esper we now have the ability to collaborate in real time without wasting reams of paper for markup and review. This will be part of our legacy in Kentucky.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing good things get accomplished, particularly when multiple agencies collaborate on policies and deliver great results that improve the lives of Kentuckians.